Since 1925, The American Legion has sponsored a nationwide youth baseball program. During these past ten decades, millions of young players have enjoyed playing baseball. The American Legion and their 2.8 million members have raised millions of dollars each year for players to learn the importance of teamwork, discipline, leadership and good sportsmanship. The American Legion sponsors American Legion Baseball to give players an opportunity to develop their skills, personal fitness, leadership qualities and to have fun.

In 1935 Hayes-Velhage Post 96 began participating in American Legion Baseball and in 2020 we marked our 75th year of this outstanding component of the Four Pillars of the American Legion.  Today our program supports teams in three levels, Senior, Junior, and Prep, giving players an opportunity to participate from under 15 years of age through the Senior level of under 19 years of age.

June 29, 2018 was a very special day for Post 96 baseball as all three teams participated in their first triple header at Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford.  The opposing team was Ellington, and despite the very warm weather it was a great experience for all three Post 96 teams.