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P.O. Box 370160, West Hartford, CT


The American Legion
West Hartford, CT 06107-2211

June 27, 2012


In addition to the regulations as set forth in the Post Bylaws, all members of Post 96, Auxiliary Unit 96 and SAL Squadron 96 and their guests shall be required to observe the following rules which shall be known as the House Rules:

1. Members of Hayes-Velhage Post 96, Auxiliary Unit 96 and Sons of the American Legion Squadron 96 and their spouses shall be admitted to the Post without the necessity of signing the Guest Book. Guests of members must sign the Guest Book for admittance to the Post. Visiting legionnaires who have a paid up dues card from any American Legion post are exempt from signing the Guest Book.

2. The hours of operation of the Post Home shall be posted at the entrance to the Post.

3. The Post Home shall be closed on the following legal holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

4. Smoking is prohitited throughout the Post.

5. The Game Room (Poolroom) is reserved for members and guests accompanied by the sponsoring member. The Pool Table may be closed at the discretion of management to accommodate service in the function room.

6. It is expected that members and guests will conduct themselves in a civil and courteous manner. Loud, boisterous, profane language and conduct that is prejudicial to good behavior will not be tolerated.

7. No member should confront and or attempt to reprimand another member, officer or employee of the Post. Any suggestion or criticism of an employee, the Legion or operation of the Post Home should be submitted to the Post Commander in writing who will either individually or in conjunction with the Executive Committee give due consideration to the issue.

8. The steward or the senior employee in charge shall have full authority to enforce these House Rules while on duty and may eject any member or non-member for misconduct or violation of these rules.

9. Violations of these rules by members and guests may result in disciplinary action by the Board of Trustees that can result in permanent revocation of Post privileges.


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